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Murdered Man Discovered After Unusual Tree Grows From His Stomach

An out-of-place tree was discovered growing out of the stomach of a murdered man.

In 1974, a man named Ahmet Hergune joined the Turkish Resistance Organization, and went to battle in the conflict between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Hergune disappeared around June 10th, one of over 2,000 people to go missing during the conflict.

Anthropologist Uyum Vehit (right) at the Anthropological Laboratory of the Committee on Missing PersonsĀ (Image: CEN)

In 2011, a researcher noticed an out-of-place fig tree growing through a hole blown into the ceiling of a cave. It was odd to see a tree of any sort growing in a cave; even more so because it was a mountainous area where fig trees aren’t generally found. While the researcher was digging around the tree, he found human remains.

The area was excavated, and three bodies were found. Investigators believe that Hergune and two other men had sought refuge in the cave, but enemy combatants threw dynamite in after them. The dynamite exploded, killing the three men, and blowing a hole in the top of the cave.

Shortly before he died, Hergune ate a fig, complete with seed. The theory is that the tree grew from Hergune’s stomach when light fell through the cave. Were it not for that fig, it is likely that Hergune and his compatriots never would have been found.


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