Movie Review: ‘Fear Street: 1666’

The Fear Street trilogy ends with a bang

Here it is folks. We’ve hit the end of Fear Street

Fear Street: 1666 is the third part of the trilogy, and takes us back in time to learn the true story of Sarah Fier, the witch who has caused so much havoc in the modern-day stories. 1666 is actually only about an hour long; once Sarah Fier’s origin story is done, we snap back to 1994 and spend about an hour there, as the story gets tied up.

To say much more would be giving away too much of the remainder of the story. 

Interestingly, this third story almost invalidates part two. There is very little about part two that is necessary to understand the story as a whole. This doesn’t negate 1978’s enjoyability as a film; it’s just not a necessary narrative. It makes me think that this story would have been better set up as a TV series: you can have an episode on each of the killers, give Sarah Fier her backstory, and bookend the series with the 1994 segments.

I’m glad the 1666 segment was only about an hour long. Frankly, it didn’t need any more than that, and the dialect and accents didn’t feel as authentic as, say, The Witch. It left plenty of time for film to wrap up all the loose ends. 

There was more story in 1666, leaving a little less time for gore. Nonetheless, it was still the perfect way to wrap out the surprise hit of the summer. Fingers crossed that Netflix goes down Fear Street again.

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